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English learning. Jot down needed while learning.


  • Why do you think people attend college or university?
  The most important reason for people attend college or university, I suppose, is finding a good job. A exquisite career preparation is helpful.
  First, the primary thing people going to do after graduate is that get a satisfy work to take care himself/herself and even the family. If someone can't find a job in the society, we can't imagine what'll happen in his/her whole life -- no place for living, no clothes for dressing, no food for hungry. Second, some people may argue that we can work fine, too, without attending college or university. It's exactly right. While, as social developing, works need more and more professional skills and wildly sight. Attending college or university will help people to enhance his/her abilities. It also help to increase new experience and knowledge, all about these are good for working well on jobs, and then live a wonderful life.